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Mid-East Oil Company was formed in the 1950's by a group of Pittsburgh businessmen to explore for oil and gas in Western Pennsylvania. The company became a corporation under the name of B. G. Bartley, Inc. in 1961. The name change to Mid-East Oil Company was effective in 1964. The original incorporators were James G. Marks, Jr., Robert A. Brown, and Thomas J. Jackson.

In the first 30 years of operation the company drilled over 2,500 wells on leases in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. Most of the wells were owned by friends of the principals, and were drilled on a joint venture basis. This exploration continued until 1985 when all new activity ceased.

Meanwhile, in 1981, B. G. Bartley died and Charles Griffith became the Chairman of the company. Before his death, Mr. Griffith offered Mark Thompson an opportunity to purchase the company. In 1992, that event took place.

At the time of the acquisition there were approximately 400 operating wells, mostly in Jefferson and Indiana Counties, Pennsylvania. Since that time, Mid-East has drilled over 2,500 wells and developed miles of pipeline systems.

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