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Mark A. Thompson

Mark A. Thompson was born in Beaumont, Texas and has been active in the oil and gas industry for over 35 years.  As a teenager, he began working in the Texas oilfields for his father.  In the 1970’s the family moved to Pennsylvania. In 1974 Mark graduated from Clearfield High School, Clearfield PA and attended Penn State University to study accounting.  He felt the real world would offer more of the experience he was looking for, so Mark left college and began working as an independent land acquisition agent for various oil and gas companies. In 1986 he started his own water transportation company, MATCO, Inc.  Sensing new opportunities in the oil and gas industry, he formed MAT Oil and Gas which drilled hundreds of wells in Pennsylvania with some high value partners and investors, such as Bill Gates, S.W. Jack and Craig Watjen.

In 1992, MAT Oil and Gas was dissolved and Mark purchased 100% of the stock of Mid-East Oil Company from the estate of Chuck Griffith, a former Pittsburgh businessman.  Since that time, Mid East Oil Company has continued to expand and has drilled thousands of wells and constructed hundreds of miles of pipeline systems.  Mark has been instrumental in acquiring land, as well as providing various services for companies such as, Chief Oil and Gas, EnerVest, Ultra Petroleum, Shell Western E&P Inc, Exco Resources and many others.

Mid-East Oil Company has sold several of the fields it has developed over the last few decades; the largest of these was the sale of 1,800 wells in Clearfield, Centre, Armstrong, Westmoreland, Indiana, and Cambria Counties with a gross sales price of $98 Million. Other sales included a $49 Million Centre County sale, a $33 Million Clearfield County sale, as well as various other sales amongst an additional 17 counties throughout Pennsylvania.

In 2011 Mark formed Horizontal Exploration LLC and MarcellX LLC (in which he is a 50% owner).

Mr. Thompson and his related businesses have drilled over 3,500 shallow vertical wells and two horizontal oil wells in Western Pennsylvania. In addition to drilling and oil and gas production, Mr. Thompson has been instrumental in Pennsylvania’s petroleum exploration infrastructure.

Mark currently resides in Florida but spends most of his time in Pennsylvania supervising his many business ventures.

M. David Svilar

As an established Practice Manager, I have spent extensive time fulfilling roles in nearly all aspects of a business that involve accounting and finances. Some of my past experience includes:
  • Complete responsibility for daily operations of a 6 physician group covering 18 locations
  • Performed contract administration, both employment and service-oriented
  • Executed fiscal monitoring of AR, AP, and payroll, including responsibility for consolidated entries and statements
  • Fulfilled Human Resource duties including recruitment of professional staff, as well as salary/benefit administration
  • Administered the corporate 401k account including enrollment, maintenance and reporting
  • Acted as frontline IT manager for corporate wide systems
  • Provided Information Security responsibilities as Administrator of system for Accounting Dept.
  • Conducted Administrative responsibilities for other corporate investments and real estate acquisition
  • Performed weekly reporting duties to managing physician in month-end and year-end capacity
  • Supervised property development of 15 individual laboratories
  • all hardware and software utilized by the organization
  • Coordinated installation of all clients
  • Performed staff training sessions and supervised conversions from manual billing procedures to automated system
  • Responsible for operational audits, coordination of manpower, and assignment of responsibility in problem resolution
  • Determined needs in response to trends in reimbursement
  • Lead employee on all electronic data interchange issues from third-party payers and intermediaries
  • Primary support in large hospital-based managed care, wide area network
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Continued Education – Accounting (33 credits completed)

Washington & Jefferson College
Bachelor of Arts – Economics


Zachary M. Fidurko

Zachary graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering. He has worked for industry active companies such as Pennsylvania General Energy (PGE) and East Resources Inc. He brings a wide array of relevant experience with him such as :
  • Direct and supervise the daily activities of on-site specialist and consultants to economically and safely maintain completions operations.
  • Develop, supervise and direct the execution of completion procedure for Marcellus operations, P&A and remedial service work.
  • Develop AFE cost estimates for completion activities.
  • Monitor actual cost for completion activities and ensure adherence to control related to capital expenditures.
  • Work with safety and environmental to implement and ensure all company safety and environmental polices are meant and exceeded by service contractors.
  • Direct and supervise three service rigs. Work directly with field personnel on daily activities including snubbing operations, drill outs, P&A and remedial work.
  • Design and oversee the completion, workover and P&A of Upper Devonian oil sands
  • Assist in engineering and design of all completion operations.
  • Maintain records of completion operations.
  • Optimize completion and workover designs
  • Prepare completions AFEs and evaluate well cost throughout the completions process. Provide recommendations to minimize expenses.
  • Work with DEP to ensure completion and P&A operations are in compliance with government regulations
  • Direct completion contractors to adhere to all safety and environmental guidelines.
  • Submit daily reports for all completion operations.
  • Supervise completion operations at a field level from pad set-up to snubbing operations.
  • Duties included were containment installation, wellhead installation, pre-stimulation pressure testing, water transfer, TCP operations (Coil tubing and stick pipe), cased hole wireline activities including logging and pump down perforating, stimulation, drillouts (Coil tubing and stick pipe), post stimulation snubbing (Stand alone and rig assist) and pad clean-up activities.
  • Plan and coordinate equipment and material ahead of time.
Drilling Engineer
  • Design and implement the well plans for horizontal shale wells in the Marcellus formation.
  • Model torque and drag and hydraulics on extended reach wells to optimize hole cleaning and directional well profiles to increase the amount of drillable in-target pay.
  • Monitor the drilling process by communicating with drilling operations and on-site supervisors on a daily basis. Provide support to operations when needed.
  • Perform post-well analysis and use data to optimize bit selection, drilling parameters, fluid properties, BHA designs, down-hole tool selection, anti-collision practices, cement slurries, etc..
  • Work closely with the DEP to complete well reports.
  • Prepare drilling AFEs and evaluate well costs throughout the drilling process. Provide recommendations to minimize expenses.
  • Set up data tree in Landmark’s OpenWells program for real-time drilling reporting.
  • Optimize operations associated with the drilling process working closely with multiple contractors including rig site supervisors, construction, containment, directional drilling, cement, closed loop system, solids control, logging, drilling, and service companies.
  • Design, engineer, and oversee the directional drilling of S-wells in Upper Devonian oil sands to allow development in areas otherwise inaccessible for drilling.
Special Projects
  • Evaluated different areas for possible disposal wells.
  • Worked on the DEP/EPA permitting, evaluating and testing of wellbore integrity and reservoir conditions for disposal well.
  • Evaluated fluid levels and well conditions to optimize production


Bradley Brothers

Professional Summary

Brad has been involved with the oil and natural gas industry for over 30 years. It has exposed him to a wide variety of challenges and tasks that has given him a diverse skill set such as:

Accounting skills: Cost analysis, Budgeting, Procurement, Financial modeling and Projections, General Ledger, Personal, Corporate and Partnership Tax Reporting and Preparation, Mineral Owner and Investor Distributions. Experience with multiple commercial and custom accounting software packages.

Employee & Investor related skills: Payroll preparation and reporting, human resource management, 401-K plan administration, employee wage and contract negotiation, health insurance coordination

Communications skills: Mineral interest and investor relations, newsletter design and distribution, legal liaison, bank loan procurement and covenant compliance, management reporting.

Miscellaneous skills: Computer network design and maintenance, courthouse record research, accounting software implementation and migration, pro?cient across multiple Windows operating systems

Brad has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from The Pennsylvania State University.

Brad has been involved in all aspects of accounting and daily management of Mid-East Oil Company during which time the company drilled over 2,000 natural gas wells. As the company grew, a survey company was spun off and Brad helped to form and manage the financial operations of the subsidiary.

He has been involved in the accounting and administration for 2 of the first horizontal oil wells to be drilled in McKean county PA.


Keith McDowell


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